Ice For My Head

August 1, 2007

After months of relief (which is highly unusual), I had dared to hope that the worst of all my ailments might never darken my doorstep again. I’m talking about Scary Headache Syndrome.

Unfortunately, the headaches are back. With a vengeance.

To add insult to injury, my coffeemaker died yesterday morning. I was afraid I would have to deal with a caffeine withdrawal headache on top of the scary headache, but Daniel came to the rescue and got me a cup of coffee from the corner store. Phew. One crisis averted.

It doesn’t end there, though. I also have a very itchy rash from the horribly invasive Bishop’s weed that runs rampant over our property. The itch drove me crazy our first summer in this house, but I managed to avoid it last year. Sadly, I wasn’t as lucky this summer. 

I did an Internet search to see if I could find any suggestions on how to relieve the itch, or stop the rash from spreading. This site recommends careful handling of the plant “as the sap may bring about a skin rash or irritation that can be very serious and painful… If symptoms occur after contact with plant, call your local Poison Control Center. ” Geez.

I’m not the only one who’s suffering. Our doxie, Penny Lane, is going through a false pregnancy.

The fun never ends around here.

Song of The Day: Headache by Sublime

This song is dedicated to whatever is causing my scary headaches:

Sometimes it’s just so hard
To put up with you
I’ve come to rely on a pill or two
‘Cause you cause me such pain
Why does it act this way?
I’m so frustrated with everything
Won’t you be nice?
Bring some ice for my head?


11 Responses to “Ice For My Head”

  1. Sunshyn said

    Would you believe we planted Bishop’s Weed on purpose? It’s better than the weeds that run wild on that little strip of land alongside our driveway that belongs to the neighbors. We planted that, comfrey, black eyed susan, and vinca. I didn’t know about the itching.

  2. I hope you will be happy with wordpress. I am even though I have the paragraph problems too. For the most part it is user friendly.
    Hope things get better for you.

  3. Pam L said

    Good luck with the Bishops Weed and the new digs here. It looks OK so far to me and I hope it goes smoothly for you. I’m sorry about the return of the headaches. I have nothing near as scary as yours, but every so often I get a headache that last for 2-3 days and nothing I do helps. It’s a low-grade thing, so mostly more annoying and tiring than terribly painful, but like today, it’s always a better day when there’s no pain at all.

  4. goatbarnwitch said

    I had one of my 3am epiphanies the other morning and was wondering if you have been tested for lyme…. I imagine with all the time you have spent in the doc’s office it has come up….. just wondering and thinking it may be worth looking at if not already done.

  5. yaketyyak said

    Actually, I WAS diagnosed with lyme a few years ago, and had to take antibiotics for a month. That was it.

  6. Sunday said

    There’s nothing worse than scary headaches–is there anything you can take? I’m expecting one since I have to be out in the afternoon sun, so I’d better break out the butalbital (and then spend a day higher than a kite…ah, well).

  7. lisele said

    What a pretty plant to cause so much agony!

  8. Michael said

    I’m so sorry to hear the scary headaches are back. It must be even worse, having gone through them and thinking you’d got past them, then having them come back. Let’s hope they don’t last as long this time. It’s not as if you need one more thing to cause pain.

  9. Dee said

    Sorry you had to make the switch from Diaryland to a setup that is more difficult for you. But the result looks super! Hope you get the knack for WordPress and never look back…

  10. Sasha said

    If WordPress gets to be a pain, there’s always Livejournal, which I’ve found very-very user friendly. If you allow for anonymous comments, your readers don’t have to have an LJ account to leave comments. Anyway, I had no idea a dog could have a false pregnancy. How weird!

  11. boxx9000 said

    I have had a history of headaches since I hit puberty (many moons ago) my headaches seem to come in cycles, but it’s never any one factor but more of a series of events (lack of sleep, not enough water, too much caffeine, STRESS!) I used to joke that my headaches were tied to my mortgage payments! hehehe. They have gotten less severe and less frequent as I age (I’m 51) Perhaps I’m running out of the hormones that effect my headaches or I’m FINALLY getting better at dealing with stress? Exercise DOES help me. ((((hugs))) I wouldn’t wish a migraine on even my worse enemy. so sorry.

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