Testing One Two Three

July 6, 2007

I had the EMG yesterday, and it was gruesome. The procedure lasted for a very uncomfortable hour and a half. Ugh. To add insult to injury, I could have avoided the EMG if the authorization for the myelogram had come in sooner. As it turned out, I received word that the myeolgram was approved when I got home from the EMG. It figures.

During the EMG, the technician mentioned that she was getting low readings (an indication of mild sensory neuropathy) in the area of my left foot. Because of that, I have to be tested for diabetes. I was advised to ask my primary care physician to send me for “HbAIC for diabetic screen” when I see him later this month.

The reason I have an appointment with him is because I need medical clearance (to include an EKG) for the hammertoe surgery. However, that surgery is going to have to be postponed because the first available date for a myelogram is July 24th. The hammertoe surgery was scheduled for July 23rd.

Obviously, I can’t go for a myelogram the day after foot surgery. Due to the fact that my back problem is tied in with Worker’s Comp, I have to make that a priority. This whole thing is really wearing thin.

In other news, today is my grandmother’s birthday. She is 96 years old. We’re all going to my sister’s for shrimp scampi and cake. I have much to do before then, so I’d better get going.

Song of the Day: The Test by The Chemical Brothers

One Response to “Testing One Two Three”

  1. lisele said

    Ouch. I can understand that you are getting tired of this. I hope it is over soon.

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