Medical Marvel

May 18, 2007

I had a new medical adventure yesterday. A doctor spent ONE HOUR in the examining room with me. Besides conducting a physical exam, Doc B asked questions and actually HEARD the answers. Amazing.

This appointment was fibromyalgia-related. My rheumatologist referred me to a physiatrist for trigger point injections. While we did discuss the injections, the doctor explained that they get better results with dry needling, a method for relieving muscle spasms that are otherwise intractable. Apparently, the needle enters the trigger point and causes it to release.

Before we go ahead with the dry needling, the physiatrist wants me to try Lidocaine patches. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic agent used to relieve pain. He gave me a few samples, and suggested that I might want to experiment to see if they help with my low back pain, as well.

Doc B also wants me to have – drumroll, please – an MRI. This one is for my right shoulder. Can you believe that he discovered yet another malfunction in this crazy body of mine, a problem I didn’t even know I had until he pointed it out to me? I swear, I’m going to donate my body to science BEFORE I die.

During the examination, Doc B had me reach around and place my hands behind my back as high as they would go. My right hand landed on a spot significantly lower than the left hand. 

Then he had me stretch both arms out to the side, and, with elbows still pointing out, drop the arms so that my hands dangled towards the floor.  The left arm hung straight down. I couldn’t do it on the right side. It hurt too much.

Strangely enough, I was not aware of the pain in that shoulder prior to this exam. Or, if I was, I shrugged it off as being related to the Fibromyalgia or my neck problems. Doc B thinks I might have rotator cuff bursitis/tendonitis. We’ll have to wait for the MRI results before we know for sure.

It was after 4:30 when I left the doctor’s office, and I had to race home to change for an awards ceremony, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. This year’s “School Support Person of the Year Award” (which was bestowed on me in 2004) went to one of my favorite co-workers, the receptionist at our high school. I was one of the people who submitted a letter of nomination/recommendation for Ms.R, and I couldn’t be more delighted that she won.

It was nice to get out and socialize with some of my friends from work, but my ass was really dragging by the time I got home. I’m dog-tired, and wish I didn’t have to go to PT today. It’s hurting more than it’s helping.

One last thing – look what I found in my backyard when I got up this morning.

Rebecca has wanted a trampoline ever since she was a little girl. Last night, she enlisted some friends to help make her dream come true. Anyone care to make a bet about how many times she’ll actually use the darn thing?  Sigh.

Song of the Day: Bounce  by Bon Jovi


2 Responses to “Medical Marvel”

  1. Your doctor was very well informed. It does not say where you live but there are not to many states in the US that are following this protocol. I have been dry needling now for over a year now with (to me) amazing results. Now not all respond with the same immediate release, but many have significant improvement with only 2 or three treatments. I am so glad I added this to my treatment arsenal. Thank you for your post. It is nice to have the positive feedback.

    Steve Marcum PT

  2. yaketyyak said

    Thank YOU, Steve. I hope I get the same amazing results your patients do. By the way, I live in New York State.

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