One Flew Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest

May 12, 2007

Before I get to the main reason for this entry, let me get the medical updates out of the way. I went for a pain management consultation on Thursday. Originally, my appointment had been scheduled for 3:00. The office called on Wednesday to say they had to move my appointment up to 1:15. I arrived a little after 1:00. Guess what time I saw the doctor? 2:45.

Because of my need to switch positions fairly frequently, sitting in the waiting room for such a long period of time caused me to be in quite a bit of discomfort. Having worked in a doctor’s office, I knew better than to blame the delay on the office staff, and saved my displeasure for the doctor himself.

When he walked into the examining room, he asked how I was doing. I responded that I had been doing a lot better when I first got there an hour and a half ago, but now both of my legs were tingling from the knees down, and my back pain had increased significantly. I made him explain  why my appointment had been changed, only to make me wait until my originally scheduled time. He was very apologetic, and did explain what had caused the delay, but that didn’t do me a whole lot of good.

The upshot of that visit is that injections are recommended, pending authorization from Worker’s Comp. I can hardly wait. I’ve had those injections in my cervical spine, and, not only did they not help, but the procedure is no picnic, either.

On Friday, I had a follow-up appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon. I won’t be returning to work for this school year. A request for an EMG (Eek Moan Groan) is being submitted. I dread that even more than the injections.

In other news, my youngest daughter, Leigh, moved into an apartment yesterday. I have mixed feelings about it. I’m excited for her, and hope this move will help her to become more independent and responsible. On the other hand, her departure leaves a hole in my life, which happens to most parents when a fledgling first leaves the nest.

Also, I’m a bit concerned for her safety. The neighborhood is a mixture of grand homes and tenements. All I can do, though, is hope and pray everything will work out, and that Leigh will be happy in her new home.

This is the bedroom:

Pocket doors!

I love the marble mantel in the living room.

I also like the door to the hall closet (far left).

And I really like the bay windows in the kitchen!

And so begins the empty nest syndrome. One down, one to go.

Song of the Day: She’s Leaving Home by The Beatles


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