Pot Luck o’ the Irish

March 17, 2006

I am not Irish, but, for some reason, I decided to cook corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Never again. Just the smell turns my stomach, but I went ahead and tasted it, anyway.

I repeat. Never again. That stuff is VILE.

This has got me wondering if anybody actually likes the dish, and, if so, why. Please let me know via the comments section. I’m really curious.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

One Response to “Pot Luck o’ the Irish”

  1. yaketyyak said

    Comments received at D-Land:

    Texas Peach – 2006-03-17 17:53:06
    I am part Irish..but I never have liked corned beef and cabbage. I can eat cooked cabbage the way my mom made it (and I love me some sauerkraut)…she’d boil it with potatoes and a pork butt. That I liked..but with corned beef?? Not at all. And you are right…it stinks!!
    LA – 2006-03-17 17:58:14
    I loooooooove corned beef and cabbage! Truly! Boiled for about year with peppercorns and potatoes and carrots and lots of onions. Then dished up, smothered in butter and mustard….yum. I like deli corned beef sandwiches on rye too. Corned beef is one of those foods like lima beans or brussel sprouts, hate it or love it. There’s no in between. Sorry you didn’t like it, but at least you gave it a go. Bravo. ~LA
    Kim – 2006-03-17 18:14:11
    I like it. I think there’s a better cut of corned beef; brisket, maybe? that’s more tender. I always forget which one to buy, so it’s hit or miss whether it’s tender or shoe leathery. My Irish husband balks at eating it, too, though. I think he had too much as a child. You definitely need to use a mix of veggies, and things like garlic and spices to liven it up. I put dijon mustard and Major Grey’s hot mango chutney (not a traditional touch, but I think everything is better with chutney) on it, and sop up the juices with plenty o’ soda bread…mmmmmmmm….
    Bex – 2006-03-17 18:32:38
    Another cabbage lover here… I used to fix corned beef with cabbage for years, until the corned beef started coming out very fatty and disgusting..so I don’t anymore, But I love cabbage, especially red cabbage. I make a steamed dinner in a large pot with a steamer, put in 2 quarters of red cabbage, 3 peeled potatoes, a handfull each of tiny bite size carrots, and beef kielbasa. Steam the veggies covered for 30 mins…add kielbasa for the last 10 mins. Serve with red wine vinegar, butter and mustard…OMG – that’s my favourite meal! (except for lobster of course).
    Sasha – 2006-03-17 18:44:07
    My little Hispanic mother, bless her heart, used to cook corned beef and cabbage every year for St. Patrick’s and she also used to make black-eyed beans for New Years every year even though she’d never even been to the South. She made the -best- corned beef and cabbage, boiled with peppercorns and potatoes. I don’t remember a bad smell but I remember tasting someone else’s once and it wasn’t good at all. Brisket is the cut of beef below the first five ribs if I remember correctly. It’s a desireable cut and the one I would choose for the dish. I really miss it, maybe I’ll make it again someday!
    Denver doug – 2006-03-17 20:13:51
    The short of it ? I eat it with great gusto. My first acquaintanceship with corned beef was those slightly pyramidal cans of corned beef from Argentina — I liked it. Then when Heather started preparing it at home from ? fresh ? corned beef, I liked it even more.
    bb – 2006-03-17 20:43:25
    I only cook cabbage. Love it with vinegar drizzled on it.
    Daniel – 2006-03-17 21:01:32
    As Stephanie’s husband and the lucky recipient of her daily culinary masterpieces, I can tell you that Stephanie’s corned beef and cabbage was out of this world! Every night I say to Stephanie, “This is the greatest meal I’ve ever had!” And paradoxically, each time I say it I truly mean it! I also bring Stephanie’s leftovers to work with me each day, and everyone comments on the intoxicating aroma. Am I biased? So was Julia Child’s husband.
    Bozoette Mary – 2006-03-17 21:59:59
    I *only* eat cabbage when it’s with corned beef! YUM!
    Jim – 2006-03-17 23:10:17
    I have never liked cooked cabbage. Yech. (Although I have been told that if it begins to smell, it means it is overcooked.) I love cabbage raw — I can slice off a chunk from a head of cabbage and just eat it as it is (or sprinkle a little salt on it or soak it in cold salt water for a bit before eating it). I fixed corned beef tonight — and corned beef is best between two hand-sliced pieces of marbled rye bread (i.e., mix of rye & pumperknickel) with a really good mustard). The only cabbage I served was chopped up and turned into coleslaw. I used to make my own corned beef — sometime between late January and mid February take a big stoneware crock, stick a big piece of beef in there, add seasonings, fill with a brine solution (salt, saltpeter, garlic, paprika, etc.), put lid on crock, store in cold place until St. Patrick’s Day. Remove from crock (discard liguid) and cool [place in pan of water on stove, bring to a boil, reduce to simmer and cover, cook for about fifty minutes per pound]. Haven’t done that these past twelve or fifteen years, just buy the plastic packaged ones in the supermarket. I do have that stoneware crock around here somewhere… one of these years I’m going to start corning beef again…
    Jim – 2006-03-17 23:12:54
    Duh… that was supposed to say “Remove from crock (discard liquid) and cook…” not “and cool” — one of these days I really must learn how to type.
    Cassie – 2006-03-17 23:24:05
    I love corned beef & cabbage…why? I think part of it is because of it’s a family custom/tradition/waddayacallit from when I was a little kid.
    Wow, I must admit I’m rather surprised that most of you are fans of corned beef and cabbage. All I can say is, those of you who like it can have it! I’ll stick with reubens from now on. P.S. Daniel hates cheese, so you can take his opinion about food with a grain of salt. 😉

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